Tibetan quartz.

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Outfit details: dress: Forever 21, $20 | cutout boots: Urban Outfitters, $35 | necklace: Melanie Laurene, $34 (similar) | Total: $89

For months, I've followed Melanie Laurene on Instagram and perused her Etsy shop, drooling over her beautiful pieces. When she reached 5k followers on Instagram, she offered a 30% off coupon code, and I knew I just had to make one of her simple yet stunning crystal necklaces mine. After checking the mailbox every afternoon for ten days straight, my necklace arrived, and I've barely taken it off since! Not only is the piece lovely, Melanie herself is a gem. You guys should definitely check out her shop! I paired my beloved necklace with one of my favorite dresses. It's loose, short, and ideal for these sticky summer evenings we've been having.

Happy Friday, guys! I'm hoping for a fun yet relaxing weekend. x



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Outfit details -- heather gray maxi dress: secondhand via Buffalo Exchange, $12 | denim vest: thrifted/altered, $1.50 | black panama hat: San Diego Hat Co. via Amazon, $16 | black cut-out boots: Urban Outfitters, $36 | Total: $65.50

Matching the weather: a dark outfit on a dreary day. Putting on this dress is like donning a silky cloud. Because of my love of all things comfortable, flattering, and neutral, this dress was a no-brainer. While the styling possibilities are endless with such a classic piece, I piled on the accessories to keep things interesting this time. I have a feeling I'll be living in this dress on the hot and humid summer days to come. x.


Laundry day.

Outfit details -- cream top: Forever 21 via Crossroads Trading, $9 | black jeans: Forever 21, $12 | cut-out boots: Urban Outfitters, $35 | straw hat: Urban Outfitters clearance, $5 | necklace: Forever 21, $7 | Total: $68

Apparently, I'm really a fan of the monochromatic look. While I was in California, I picked up this dreamy top at Crossroads Trading. It's neutral, simple enough to go with most anything, interesting enough to throw on with a pair of jeans. I've already styled it so many ways; it's safe to say that I'm in love, guys.

I coerced Andy into taking these photos behind the laundromat while we were waiting on our endless loads of clothes. We always procrastinate and let it pile up until it is absolutely imperative that we do laundry. We're such adults, right?

Happy one-more-day-tip-Friday, everyone! x.



Outfit details -- black panama hat: San Francisco Hat Co. via Amazon, $16 | black shades: tourist shop in Tybee Island, $5 | white open-back top: secondhand New Look, hand-me-down | black denim cut-offs: thrifted, $2 | chambray top: thrifted, 75 cents | black sandals: H&M, $25 | Total: $48

These photos were taken on the Fourth of July in front of what used to be my apartment building, just before my cousin and I headed to Venice for the day. While I typically enjoy theme dressing for any given holiday, I went for a more subtly patriotic look: red lipstick, white top, blue chambray top tied around my waist.

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm so thankful it's almost the weekend. x.


A Saturday in Venice

Outfit details -- cream smock dress: H&M, $10 | cut-offs: thrifted, $1 | brown leather purse: thrifted, $1 | cream panama hat: Forever 21, gift from a friend | white(-ish) high-top sneakers: $12 | Total: $24

While I was in California, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Elana of Room 334. When I told her I'd be with my cousin Jesse in Venice for most of Saturday, she accommodatingly drove a whole hour to meet up with us for coffee at Le Zinque. While I'd gathered from her blog and social media that she and I would get along well (I mean, when she mentioned once in a post that she enjoys the juxtaposition of swearing while wearing a lace dress, I was convinced), I was pleasantly surprised just how well! The three of us found so much to talk about, including our many mutually favorite TV shows (she has a theory about the identity of Jon Snow's mother that would blow you away). Not only is she adorable, funny, intelligent, and genuine, she's also an awesome outfit photographer and was kind enough to take these for me. Ah, the blessing of hanging out with a seasoned style blogger. Be sure to check out her stylish and witty blog!

This outfit is pretty similar to the outfit in this post; it was born more out of necessity than anything else. I'd spent all day Friday walking up and down the boardwalk in the sun, and my arms and legs got pretty sunburnt (which you can see a bit in these photos). So, when getting dressed Saturday morning, I donned the one long-sleeved article I'd packed, my favorite panama hat to protect my face from the sun, and sneakers in preparation for more walking. I piled on my jewelry to dress it up a bit. One great thing about hanging out in Venice is that you'll never be the most oddly dressed, and I love that anything-goes-vibe.

Oh, and here's photographic proof we all had a wonderful time!



On the Roof

Outfit details -- gray tank: thrifted, $1 | mom jeans: thrifted/DIY: $1.50 | black panama hat: San Diego Hat Co. via Amazon, $16 | black sandals: H&M, $25 | total: $43.50

This is an ensemble of simple separates that I wore last Thursday (my first full day in LA) for laid back activities, such as shopping, going for coffee, and baking a quiche for my hosts. My cousin Jesse and my dear friend Patrick were kind enough to let me stay with them, and it almost felt like last summer when we shared the teeniest apartment. They are silhouetted above, Jesse on the left and Patrick on the right (with his ever-present e-cig). Despite my deep-seated love of Southern California, I think I miss the two of them the most. I may have just returned home to Atlanta, but I'm already itching to go back.

Check back later this week for more photos from my trip! x


Playlist | LA Calling


As I mentioned last week, I'm hopping on a plane headed for Los Angeles this evening, and I couldn't be more excited! While I only lived there for eight months (May-December 2013), it was long enough for me to discover I just might be a California Girl at heart. These next four days are sure to be blissful. I thought I'd share with you guys what I'll be listening to on my flight, an LA-themed mix of songs (both older and new releases) that either remind me of my time spent in Southern California or make me expectant for my adventures ahead. Hopefully, I'll return bearing photographs and new experiences. x