Oh, the usual.

My life lately has been filled with time spent with friends, my favorite baby girl, lots of coffee, and good food. Add in a copious amount of self-portraiture, and you have my Instagram account.

 I just really love coffee. | Cool treat on a hot day. | My fantastic neighbor made frozen bananas.

Shameless selfie, you know. | I really, really love this precious girl. | My love sent me my new favorite mug, featuring my favorite film.

Headed to the beach with my beautiful friend Osheen. | Denny's date with Brittney. | Aesthetically pleasing lunch.


Monday, Monday.

Details // hat: Forever 21, gift / jean jacket: secondhand Gap, traded / greige gingham dress: thrifted, $8 / woven leather sandals: $3 // Total: $11
The moment I saw this dress hanging on a rack from afar at the nearest Goodwill, I knew it had to be mine. Light and airy, seasonally transitional, and ideal for work, I'm so pleased it came home with me. Paired with a few trusty staples that can be remixed over and over again, this is the type of simple look I've been living in these days.

What are some of your wardrobe mainstays that carry you from season to season?


Meet Brittney.

Details // crop top: Buffalo Exchange, $10 / midi skirt: thrifted, $1 / oxfords: c/o Le Bunny Bleu // total: $11
Meet my friend and neighbor, Brittney. Isn't she gorgeous? She's a part-time art student and part-time model, and I am so thankful to have met her. As we've both lived with only guys for months, it's great to escape and have some girl time, even if only for a quick little shoot across the street from our building. Another benefit of having a girl around is the doubled wardrobe choices. We put together this simple yet sweet outfit with pieces from each of our closets, and I really like the result. With our growing plans and budding friendship, I'm sure you'll see more of Brittney here in the near future.


I need coffee.

Details // silk scarf: thrifted, $2 / jean jacket: secondhand Gap, traded / black sleeveless top: secondhand H&M, $2 / faded black denim jeans: Forever 21, $13 / black suede flats: secondhand, $8 / tote: Forever 21, $4 // Total: $29

While my desire for caffeine is frequently on my mind, now I can proclaim it to the world via my tote bag. In the fall, I like my iced coffee with pumpkin spice; actually, I like my iced coffee with pumpkin spice all the time, but I'll take what I can get. My boyfriend managed to buy this coffee for me from across the country by sending me a giftcard. He's pretty swell, that one.

As I've mentioned, I share a bachelor-size apartment with two guys and a dog. Like one might guess, space is limited, and I've been feeling a bit cramped lately. We've found a bigger place upstairs, and we're looking into moving! Needless to say, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Autumn layers.

Details // tan knit sweater: H&M, $10 / denim shirtdress: thirfted, $3 / floral silk scarf: thrifted, $1 / jeans: thrifted BDG, $6 / boots: secondhand Minnetonka, $18.50 / fedora: gift // Total: $38.50

Today was the first with a little chill in breezes, so I finally got to dress in transitional layers, topped off with my new favorite hat, which rarely leaves my head these days.

Not much to report here... After getting over a nasty little cold, I've just been working, enjoying California life, and counting down the days until my favorite guy's trip here. As of today, it's 26.


Heat wave.

Details // Vintage floral bralette: secondhand from my generous Aunt Cathryn / vintage Lee cut-offs: thrifted, $1 / Minnetonka booties: secondhand via Crossroads Trading, $18.50 // Total: $19.50
The ridiculous heat in LA this past week has had me wearing as little as possible, while still grasping for a shred of dignity. Thankfully, I have an arsenal of bralettes and crop tops to beat the heat, including this little vintage thing I received a couple of years ago from my great aunt. It has a matching wrap-around skirt, but the pattern can be a bit overwhelming when the two are worn together, so I paired it with my favorite ever cut-off shorts (ahem, never-nudes?). Also, since I purchased these boots last weekend, they've hardly left my feet! I've always wanted a pair, so when I spotted them in Crossroads Trading (while out with my new best pal, Brittney), I knew I had to snatch them up. I'd say living on the West Coast is certainly impacting my style; I see myself gravitating towards more laid back and bohemian items all the time.

I hope everyone in the States is having a fantastic long weekend!



Details // Cheetah print dress: thrifted, $8 / Tan suede fringe boots: thrifted, $10 / Denim jacket: secondhand Gap, traded // Total: $18
Who doesn't love a little (or a lot of?) cheetah print? The loose fit and versatile print of this dress had me sold the instant I encountered it on the dress rack at Goodwill, squished among the garish and the dingy. My cousin Jesse, who was my shopping partner for the afternoon, said it would clash with my (bazillions of) freckles; my roommate Patrick said, "isn't that an old lady type thing?" Well, male opinions be damned. I proudly donned my new frock anyway. Turns out, both gentlemen changed their tune. I'm choosing to believe they were ultimately impressed with my ability to see new life for well-worn garment.

I pranced about in this thrifted treasure all day Sunday, which included a frugal grocery shopping trip and quite a bit of being lazy. Then, truth be told, on Monday morning, I put it on again for work. Shhh, don't tell.

Oh, and these are my new glasses! I ordered them online, so I was unsure as to how exactly they'd suit my face, but I am so pleased with them. What do you think?